Guild News

Raid Schedule Change

by holyshanthi, 237 days ago

We will tentatively go ahead with the change in raid schedule to Monday/Wednesday/Thursday, as Thursday ended up having the least scheduling conflict. If future conflicts arise, as everyone may not have seen the proposal, we will reconsider but, for now, plan for those three days.


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Hellfire Citadel Outtakes

by holyshanthi, 277 days ago

As has been a tradition for tiers that Zindaria took part in (i.e. not Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry), we have an outtakes video that I made. But it's a lot worse than normal Don.

Try to enjoy anyway.



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This Was The Kill We Saw: Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye

by holyshanthi, 310 days ago

Good work, guys. It would have been a shame if Killrogg didn't get the death that he foresaw and had to live an empty, undestined life.



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